Pictures from Lithuania!

So a few weeks ago I went to Lithuania for a few days...
Why I hear you ask?
My friend Mantas who actually lives in the UK is originally from there, so he was visiting family and asked if I wanted to fly over and stay for 4 days!
I've never really thought about going to Lithuania since its such a small country and I have little knowledge of what is actually there... But I am so so happy I took him up on the offer because it was absolutely amazing!
I feel like i accomplished so much in such a short amount of time :D 

Day 1 we vistied Trakai castle which was really cool... lots of history here.
We also hired a pedal boat and went on the surrounding lake... It was so hot I actually jumped in haha

Day 2: We went to the beach... it was around 36 degrees! So hot & lovely.

Day 3: We visited a famous place called 'Kryziu Kalnas' which means 'Cross Hill'
I have never seen so many crosses in one place in all my life!
I was AMAZED. 
Such a great place. I would highly recommend going here just for that!
We left crosses with our names on too.

Day 4: We went to a huge forest and explored!
Also went swimming in a few lakes :D
We drove so deep into this one forest ( Lithuania is covered in them ) It got kind of creepy, we were driving down a small dirt track when suddenly we came to this strange little holy shrine.
I was actually quite freaked out by it, since it was so deep inside the forest.... 
Apparently people got hung here eek!



Here's a few other pics I took :



Hi Everyone!
Happy Monday!
Today I'm featuring a cute online fashion boutique: LAUNDRY BOUTIQUE
It was established in 2010 & also has shops in London, Manchester and Brighton.. just to name a few places. The items they stock have a kind of ethnic chic / bohemian influence which is absolutely key for this summer.
I got this gorgeous ornament print shift dress in pink and off white.
I absolutely LOVE the patterns on it
I have a code which can be used for 10% DISCOUNT on the website type in THETRENDTRAP10 at checkout.
They have a massive range of clothes and also some shoes and accessories to complete the outfit!



Last week I went to Tk Maxx for a quick rummage, and I found this amazing white leather dress. and guess what... it was only £5 in the clearance!
Its actually by AX Paris too, so was a great find!
Just goes to show really.. you can get stuff for so cheap from Tk Maxx.
Hope you like my look!
Trixie x


So I've been meaning to post this outfit for a little while now!!
It features clothes from my favorite brand - Monki.
I got the top the last time I was down in London... and I ordered the trousers onlie from the Monki sale!
Top was £18 and the trousers were £8... I also go the matching tee to the trousers for just £5!
ALWAYS check out the Monki sale - its usually AMAZING :D
Anyway, hope you like my look - remember to hype it if you like it!
Trixie x

*STYLE ICON* Dannika Daisy (Q&A)

So this weekend I'd like to feature a girl who's style I absolutely LOVE!
Her names Dannika, & I met her during my placement year at uni - We both worked at John Lewis HQ in the design department
She really stands out from the crowd with her vibrant hair and daring dress sense
I did a little Q&A with her to find out how her world works ;)

What do you do for a living?
I am a Colour Material Finish Manager for Yarwood Leather, which means I advise on leather in the world of Interior Design. I also model; it's nice to venture into the world of fashion too!

What inspires you?
I can be inspired by a feeling, by a piece of art, an article in a magazine, a person, a scent, a piece of fruit, a pebble. It's everyday life that inspires me. The beauty of waking up in the morning, and having the right to express yourself in any way you wish to.

Do you have a style icon?
I love Katy Perry's on stage style, the flamboyant, cartoon-esque and crazy designs are so effective! But Sienna Miller is my top style icon, boho chic! Fave shop?
American Apparel

Fave magazine?

What is your dream job?
Running my own fashion magazine, organising events and fashion shows.

Describe your style in 3 words
Unique, colourful, hippy.

Current fave outfit?
The Motel rocks palm leaves unitard.

What's your must have item for this summer?
Has to be a legging and crop top combo, team them together or mix and match with other garments to create different looks for different events, i.e day, night.

What is your moto?
.... It's important to stay true to your own style, by using your own judgement on what's in 'fashion' to you.

You can visit Dannika's blog here
Her instagram account is 'dannikaddj'



So I put together a micro trend board of whats in store at one of my fave shops - weekday.
It's an amazing brand so go check it out BY CLICKING HERE


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